Sunday, 5 April 2009

#podcrawl 003 - tweet by tweet

Stuart Morrisonirukhome #podcrawl done. A good time

Rowleyrowleyarrived at london crash pad just after midnight - a good #podcrawl last ones were of course Colin myself and pete cogle, I think all was ok

Pete Coglepetecogle#Podcrawl ... 23:25 on my way home. Podcrawl #003 complete!

Pete Coglepetecogle#Podcrawl ... #going underground (again)#
Stuart MorrisonirukOn the train back from #podcrawl from txt

Pete CoglepetecogleDown to the last three: Codger, Colin and Rowley #podcast

Stuart MorrisonirukMoved to the bath house #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleFinally moved on to The Bath House #podcawl sans Clithers and G-ManDaniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjr - I saw some of the @musicpodcasting gang at the AMP #podcrawl in London today!

thegrumblerthegrumbler#podcawl ers on to the solids now, and the pillars of Hercules does a fine burger!

Daniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjrjust spent time with the #podcrawl @musicpodcasting crowd in London over Skype. How's that for technology to overcome geography!

Pete CoglepetecogleJust been on video link with Daniel Johnson Jr on #podcrawl

RowleyrowleyStill at the pillars. #podcrawl going well. 50% increase turnout

Stuart MorrisonirukStill at the pillars #podcrawl

Daniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjr@suffolkandcool I will be back home in about an hour. Looking forward to joining the #podcrawl !

Pete CoglepetecogleOMG clithers is on the coffee but thanfully the glorious Jesse is NOT!

thegrumblerthegrumblerCastpoodles #podcrawl

Peter Clitheroesuffolkandcoolconnection problems in central London ... but persisting. good beer at the pillars of hercules

Stuart MorrisonirukMoved to the pillars of hercules #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleLeaving the Montague Pyke and heading for the Pillars of Hercules (ooeer)

Pete Coglepetecogle#podcrawl ... I'm trapped between Vince and Grumbler... Who's got the biggest iPhone???

Stuart MorrisonirukCant get on wifi #podcrawl

RowleyrowleyBad wireless at pike. Moving to pillars of hercules Soon

Peter Clitheroesuffolkandcoolpodcrawl moving on to Pillars of Hercules, Greek St., Soho

Stuart MorrisonirukAt #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleHas arrived to find GrumblerG Rowley and Vince from SAotV at the #podcrawl

Dave LeethelovebugI'm not available for the #podcrawl Skype call later, which is a shame.

thegrumblerthegrumblerWhere is Grumbler? Don't tell 'em Pike!

Pete Coglepetecogle#podcrawl .... #Going Underground#

thegrumblerthegrumblerWatching busker, and waiting for the pike to open... #podcrawl

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolLiverpool Street to Market Cafe, Spitalfields for coffee and cake. JG judges it finest in London. I agree.

Rowleyrowleyat the apple store using their internet connection to tweet people for #podcrawl got into town too early
Stuart MorrisonirukOn the train to #podcrawl

Pete Coglepetecogleis at Haywards Heath station waiting for my #podcrawl chariot!

Colin GOurobouros54About to head off to #podcrawl. Remember we may (?) be streaming live video here some time between 12pm and 4 pm.

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolKid on the way with droog for a milocho in smokey town.

Stuart MorrisonirukGetting ready to head out to the #podcrawl - but I don't have a silly hat

Pete Coglepetecogleis getting ready for #podcrawl. Some of the castpoodles are up already! Don't forget the silly hats people!

thegrumblerthegrumblerListening to suffolk'n'cool... According to the Kid, Gabor's #podcrawl ing with a blindfold on. Odd fella!

RowleyrowleyGetting bag together for #podcrawl - laptop, cables, recording device. Right off for a coffee and pastry, then into Greater(?) London

thegrumblerthegrumblerOn the train to "that London", may have time for the Apple store before #podcrawl and meeting the castpoodles. Deep Joy of the eardrobes!

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolNegotiating with rail company to provide a train service to London this morning for Podcrawl. I see Grumbler is up.

thegrumblerthegrumblerUp nice and early for the London Podcrawl!

Stuart MorrisonirukI have had to promise not to spill beer onto the eeePC #podcrawl

Stuart Morrisonirukloading stuff onto this eeePC Netbook thing for the Podcrawl tomorrow #podcrawl

Stuart MorrisonirukRecorded IR UK 63, hopefully to be released during the Podcrawl tomorrow #podcrawl

Rowleyrowleylooking forward to #podcrawl tomorrow. Starting at noon - must get good night sleep.

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  1. I was there too, but not wittering. Great day,guys and gal.


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