Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A few offerings from the camera of your very own Grumbler. Which is why he isnt in any of them. Hooray!!!

Jeremy "G-Spot" Gugenheim in pensive pose...

Gabor Kovacs, from Electrical Language

Stuart Morrison from Insomnia Radio UK (Are we keeping him up?)

Well, it wouldnt be a podcrawl without Codger Cogle from PC Podcast, would it?

Colin Gazely, of the Oroboroboroborobobobos podcast.

A Genuine Peer! Say hello to Lord Numb

And here's Spidersleg, the other half of the "Reject Club" with "His Numbness"

Dark Compass Rowley!


Scott, From the Night Nurse... I thought Night Nurse was a proprietary decongestant. I do hope he doesnt use his finger...

Rowley. Just cant resist getting in shot again, can he?

Neither can his lordship, when it comes down to it


You sure Spiders drink this stuff??

Oh dear, dear, dear....

Peter Clitheroe, chatting over the Interwebby

Gabor, blending in with the decor...

This'll be Vince, from the Secret Archives of the Vatican. A fine band, and now a fine podcast too!

Mr Clitheroe, Waxing Lyrical.

Our Jezza, Disturbed by any suggestion of "Waxing"...

And, of course, a bit of a team photo, early on, and very sober...

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