Monday, 1 December 2008

What's this PodCrawl Site for then?

This site is dedicated to the original PodCrawl... and more excitingly, perhaps, those yet to come...

First conceived as a small celebration between Peter Clitheroe, Pete Cogle and Rowley Cutler to mark the serendipitous and simultaneous 100th, 200th and 300th episodes of Suffolk'n'Cool, PC Podcast and Dark Compass shows respectively, the event growed a bit, like Topsy, to become a more inclusive gathering. Well, actually it just gathered in a couple more souls:
  • a reprobate blogger who was, at the time, vaguely anonymous and hiding under the pseudonym of the Grumbler who's twisted and evil intention was to catalogue the events, and who was later referred to by the Clitheroe Kid as Codger Cogle's Care in the Community Chap, in an entirely inappropriate orgiastic outburst of accidental alliteration.
  • another podcaster of infinite musical good taste who, if he were possessed of a tail, would doubtless bite it (in the just and righteous cause of reality imitating art) - Colin Gazely from the Ouroborous podcast. (editors note - Colin's lack of tail is not entirely germane to the story and is, in any case, a presumption - though we are reasonably confident that its an accurate one)
Much fun was had by all (as will be indicated in another posting when time permits) and there were some far-reaching consequences. Oh boy were there. The grumbler, having seen first hand what it takes to be a podcaster and having had his identity 'outed' by the Codger (who luckily has absolutely no Idea who Top Gear's 'Stig' really is) decided to start his own show - Music and Mumblings, and adopt the bizarre practice of writing about himself in the third person.

Time - as it is wont to do unless you are a quantum physicist with an ambition to make your mark in the field - passed. We decided to 'do it again' - not for any grand reason this time, but because it was so much fun. The same crew reconvened, this time as five podcasters, along with Mr Clitheroe's minder who claimed to be called Keith. In fact, his real name is Jeremy Gugenheim - a morsel of information which was destined to be made public as soon as the Codger (whose tongue is looser than the morals of a cat) found out.

The second event was every bit as much fun as the first and, exhibiting 'balance' which would satisfy the most pedantic sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Jeremy has become a podcaster too. Nearly. I say Nearly because, even though he started his first episode some time ago, it is sadly yet to emerge from its cocoon, blinking, into the full glare of the noonday sun - despite its creator's full and certain knowledge that there are many many many (well, five) people waiting eaglerly to feast their ears upon its bounty.

This site's objectives are simple.

  • To provide a virtual meetingplace for PodCrawl participants to engage in the planning of future debauchery.
  • To act as a repository for reviews, pictures and scurrilous gossip related to all previous PodCrawls.
  • To promote PodCrawls and encourage others, perhaps geographically challenged, to hold their own events and relate their tales here.
More postings will be forthcoming. In the meantime, this is an audience participation wossname. Lets have some comments, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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  1. Time for a Scottish Crawl. You can't just have these things doon there and miss the best part of the UK out... ;-)


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