Sunday, 8 March 2009

Podcrawl Beer Selection

I've just looking looking at what will be available for the Podcrawl...

And who'd have thought what an impressive selection there would be to chose from?

Try the locally brewed MIUK for a mixture of three types of hops. Or perhaps, the sometimes bland, but often refreshing AMP to quench your thirst?

How about a pint of Old Ourbouros? That's the one from the west country with the bits of twigs in. Or try a glass of Dark Compass porter for a longer lasting flavour?

Bright sparks might like the Electrical Language beer, but the grumpy old men amongst you will love a pint of Grumblers old Moo. If you like your beer cool then head off for a pint of Clither's Old Peculiar, or the nearby JG brewery for a bottle of blonde G-spot?

Finally, perhaps only for those of you already too drunk to care, try PCP's Rocket Fuel. That'll keep you regular in t'mornin'.

PodCrawl 2009. What's your favourite?

Friday, 6 March 2009

On yer bike...

We've established the day... 4th April it is.

And we'll kick off at the Montagu Pike in Charing Cross Road.

A fearsome array of Ales to be had, so why was it that last time we met there several old duffers (Grumbler included) kicked off with a coffee? Shameful!

So lets see you there?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

London Podcrawl - April 4th

OK folks, the date is set for the next London Based Podcrawl - It'll be Saturday 4th April, with details on location and start time yet to be announced. Doubtless we'll twitter about it too for anyone who cant make the start.

Watch this space for further details, and please use the comment features on the blog to drop us an eamil address if you're interested in joining us.

Note that we havent given up on a crawl further afield, its just that so far its proven a bit dificult to arrange.

Cheers, Grumbler et al...