Friday, 24 April 2009

In case....DarkCompass 359 - Crawling.

Just in case you did not get it, I put a show together with lots of interviews from Podcrawl #3. I hope you Enjoy

This week, mainly podcrawl, interviewing great people and generally making a nuisance of myself with a microphone. Check out Podcrawl for tweetage. A good time.

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Podcrawl - viewed from a very long way away...

Have you ever wondered what podcrawl looks like to someone who is (a) thousands of miles away and (b) sober?

Thanks to Daniel from the Journey inside my mind podcast for this Flikr link...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A few offerings from the camera of your very own Grumbler. Which is why he isnt in any of them. Hooray!!!

Jeremy "G-Spot" Gugenheim in pensive pose...

Gabor Kovacs, from Electrical Language

Stuart Morrison from Insomnia Radio UK (Are we keeping him up?)

Well, it wouldnt be a podcrawl without Codger Cogle from PC Podcast, would it?

Colin Gazely, of the Oroboroboroborobobobos podcast.

A Genuine Peer! Say hello to Lord Numb

And here's Spidersleg, the other half of the "Reject Club" with "His Numbness"

Dark Compass Rowley!


Scott, From the Night Nurse... I thought Night Nurse was a proprietary decongestant. I do hope he doesnt use his finger...

Rowley. Just cant resist getting in shot again, can he?

Neither can his lordship, when it comes down to it


You sure Spiders drink this stuff??

Oh dear, dear, dear....

Peter Clitheroe, chatting over the Interwebby

Gabor, blending in with the decor...

This'll be Vince, from the Secret Archives of the Vatican. A fine band, and now a fine podcast too!

Mr Clitheroe, Waxing Lyrical.

Our Jezza, Disturbed by any suggestion of "Waxing"...

And, of course, a bit of a team photo, early on, and very sober...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

#podcrawl 003 - tweet by tweet

Stuart Morrisonirukhome #podcrawl done. A good time

Rowleyrowleyarrived at london crash pad just after midnight - a good #podcrawl last ones were of course Colin myself and pete cogle, I think all was ok

Pete Coglepetecogle#Podcrawl ... 23:25 on my way home. Podcrawl #003 complete!

Pete Coglepetecogle#Podcrawl ... #going underground (again)#
Stuart MorrisonirukOn the train back from #podcrawl from txt

Pete CoglepetecogleDown to the last three: Codger, Colin and Rowley #podcast

Stuart MorrisonirukMoved to the bath house #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleFinally moved on to The Bath House #podcawl sans Clithers and G-ManDaniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjr - I saw some of the @musicpodcasting gang at the AMP #podcrawl in London today!

thegrumblerthegrumbler#podcawl ers on to the solids now, and the pillars of Hercules does a fine burger!

Daniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjrjust spent time with the #podcrawl @musicpodcasting crowd in London over Skype. How's that for technology to overcome geography!

Pete CoglepetecogleJust been on video link with Daniel Johnson Jr on #podcrawl

RowleyrowleyStill at the pillars. #podcrawl going well. 50% increase turnout

Stuart MorrisonirukStill at the pillars #podcrawl

Daniel Johnson, Jr.danieljohnsonjr@suffolkandcool I will be back home in about an hour. Looking forward to joining the #podcrawl !

Pete CoglepetecogleOMG clithers is on the coffee but thanfully the glorious Jesse is NOT!

thegrumblerthegrumblerCastpoodles #podcrawl

Peter Clitheroesuffolkandcoolconnection problems in central London ... but persisting. good beer at the pillars of hercules

Stuart MorrisonirukMoved to the pillars of hercules #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleLeaving the Montague Pyke and heading for the Pillars of Hercules (ooeer)

Pete Coglepetecogle#podcrawl ... I'm trapped between Vince and Grumbler... Who's got the biggest iPhone???

Stuart MorrisonirukCant get on wifi #podcrawl

RowleyrowleyBad wireless at pike. Moving to pillars of hercules Soon

Peter Clitheroesuffolkandcoolpodcrawl moving on to Pillars of Hercules, Greek St., Soho

Stuart MorrisonirukAt #podcrawl

Pete CoglepetecogleHas arrived to find GrumblerG Rowley and Vince from SAotV at the #podcrawl

Dave LeethelovebugI'm not available for the #podcrawl Skype call later, which is a shame.

thegrumblerthegrumblerWhere is Grumbler? Don't tell 'em Pike!

Pete Coglepetecogle#podcrawl .... #Going Underground#

thegrumblerthegrumblerWatching busker, and waiting for the pike to open... #podcrawl

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolLiverpool Street to Market Cafe, Spitalfields for coffee and cake. JG judges it finest in London. I agree.

Rowleyrowleyat the apple store using their internet connection to tweet people for #podcrawl got into town too early
Stuart MorrisonirukOn the train to #podcrawl

Pete Coglepetecogleis at Haywards Heath station waiting for my #podcrawl chariot!

Colin GOurobouros54About to head off to #podcrawl. Remember we may (?) be streaming live video here some time between 12pm and 4 pm.

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolKid on the way with droog for a milocho in smokey town.

Stuart MorrisonirukGetting ready to head out to the #podcrawl - but I don't have a silly hat

Pete Coglepetecogleis getting ready for #podcrawl. Some of the castpoodles are up already! Don't forget the silly hats people!

thegrumblerthegrumblerListening to suffolk'n'cool... According to the Kid, Gabor's #podcrawl ing with a blindfold on. Odd fella!

RowleyrowleyGetting bag together for #podcrawl - laptop, cables, recording device. Right off for a coffee and pastry, then into Greater(?) London

thegrumblerthegrumblerOn the train to "that London", may have time for the Apple store before #podcrawl and meeting the castpoodles. Deep Joy of the eardrobes!

Peter ClitheroesuffolkandcoolNegotiating with rail company to provide a train service to London this morning for Podcrawl. I see Grumbler is up.

thegrumblerthegrumblerUp nice and early for the London Podcrawl!

Stuart MorrisonirukI have had to promise not to spill beer onto the eeePC #podcrawl

Stuart Morrisonirukloading stuff onto this eeePC Netbook thing for the Podcrawl tomorrow #podcrawl

Stuart MorrisonirukRecorded IR UK 63, hopefully to be released during the Podcrawl tomorrow #podcrawl

Rowleyrowleylooking forward to #podcrawl tomorrow. Starting at noon - must get good night sleep.