Tuesday, 2 December 2008

And it's not just beer.....

That's 5 espressos for the boys and a frothy one for Jeremy, please landlord...

Just in case there are a couple of you, more sensible and sober individuals out there*, the term podcrawl does rather conjour up images of helplessly drunk men talking complete bollocks twaddle.

Let it be know that we will gladly entertain the possibility of less drunken pursuits. We started off the last crawl with a coffee as I recall, so maybe a Podoccino (grande, full fat, double shot, naturally) rather than a podcrawl?

* then again, if you're reading this, you either are or frequent with podcasters, so I'm not sure you can be considered sensible or sober.

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  1. We will, as Pete puts it, also entertain ladies.

    By which I mean it's not just men getting drunk.

    Er, that is to say, it would be nice to have ladies with us on the PodCrawl.

    Oh dear. I'm only making it worse. Hopefully you know what I mean.


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